How to make your home work for you

How to make your home work for you

How to make your home work for you

How to make your home work for you

We are in the middle of a Pandemic; our work has been affected and so what do you do?

One option is to tap the power of our greatest material asset…our home. This blog is about how you can make your home work for you.

Today I am going to talk about Sasha Zerin. She was a successful fitness instructor with the largest fitness company in the Midwest. Then came the pandemic and she was unable to do her job. So, did she decide to just sit around and do nothing…no, she did not. Sasha decided to start her own online fitness training business. She has used social media to promote herself and started by doing classes from her living room. She was having such success she decided to use her greatest material asset…her home, to further grow her business. She finished an unfinished portion of her basement for her fitness center and yoga studio. She had a “SashaFIT” logo designed by a professional designer. Then off she went!

This wonderful fitness space is perfect for her business needs,

adds value and equity to the house and provides her with a dedicated space she can write off as a business expense.

If interested in her fitness plan you can visit her website here. She has a virtual training subscription consisting of six live circuit training and yoga classes per week. She also does personal training virtually.

Here is a YouTube video of me interviewing Sasha and you can see how you can make your home work for you! You can also see how she transformed her home to meet her business needs.

Look for more video tours in the future of how my clients have made home improvements that not only improved their lifestyle but also added equity to their home. Real estate is a wonderful investment!

Jeff Anderson The Anderson Team RE/MAX Results


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