Fall projects for your home – Home Improvements

Fall projects for your home!

Fall projects for your home – Home Improvements

Fall projects for your home!

The weather is starting to get cooler and it is time for us to consider what we need to do to our home to prepare for our winter season. Here are some fall projects for your home.


Let us see what we need to do…


  • It is time to blow out your sprinkler system. The winter cold temperatures will freeze your sprinkler lines in, so it is essential to have a professional company blow out the lines and open the system. The cost ranges from $80 to $150 depending on the company you pick and the size of your system. I suggest getting on the list now since they fill up quickly.


  • The last fertilization is needed. Do not wait until the ground freezes. Late fall applications help with keeping your lawn healthy during the spring months in the following year. Applying too early in the spring results in a weakened grass over the summer months. So, the late fall application is of importance.


  • Time to clean out your gutters. If they are full you can have a winter of ice dams without the proper drainage. This is one of those things to consider having a professional handle it. Make sure they have liability insurance. Many of tales have been told of people falling off ladders cleaning out their gutters.


  • Have your furnace cleaned and inspected so it is ready for the winter season. Also make sure you are changing your filters regularly.


  • Out the water lines of your outside spigots (faucets). This involves the bleed valve in your mechanical room. Use a bucket, turn of water to those lines, open the faucet outside and then open the bleed valve to drain the water out of the system. Then leave the faucet valve open outside throughout the winter.


  • Consider having your windows cleaning. I suggest it done by a professional. Especially if you have a second floor or a ladder is needed. Then schedule a follow-up in the spring.


  • If you suffer from Box Elder bugs. Then gently use a power sprayer with a little dish soap to spray your home. Then spray with clear water. Box Elder bugs lay eggs in the fall on your house that hatch in the spring. This kills them and eliminates the problem.


  • Examine your roof for gaps around your chimney and skylights. You might need to simply do some caulking to prevent snow/water from coming into your home this winter.


I hope you found these fall projects for your home suggestions helpful. If you have any questions just call. I would be happy to help. Or search AngiesList for top rated professionals.

Jeff Anderson The Anderson Team RE/MAX Results


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