City of West Bloomington Minnesota

City of West Bloomington Minnesota

City of West Bloomington Minnesota

City of West Bloomington Minnesota


The History of West Bloomington


West Blooming is in Hennepin County, Minnesota. West Bloomington is part of the Twin Cities metropolitan area. It is a first-tier suburb. Located on the south side of the metro area from Minneapolis. Bloomington has more jobs per capita than either Minneapolis or Saint Paul. West Bloomington is known as prestigious West Bloomington. As the result of property higher property values than East Bloomington. Bloomington was first settled in the 1843. Bloomington was incorporated On May 11th, 1858. The same day the state of Minnesota was admitted into the union. Bloomington is named after Bloomington Illinois.


Is Bloomington rated as a good place to live? rated Bloomington a high rating of an A Gave it an A for outdoor activities, health & fitness, diversity, nightlife, commute, good for families, and jobs.


Some general information I have found about Bloomington


Bloomington has a commute time to Minneapolis of 15 minutes. Next, it has a population of 85,417. The unemployment rate is only 2.6%. And the median home price is $267,200. Meanwhile the median age is 45.1. Lastly, the median income is $63,053.


How are the schools in West Bloomington?


Bloomington has the highly rated

Bloomington Public School District # 27.

It has 10,668 students and a teacher ratio of 15 to 1.

My conclusion


To summarize, I have found Bloomington to be an extremely popular city. Importantly, it features a wonderful park system, convenient location, and great schools. It is a highly rated city with an A rating. In short, I strongly suggest considering Bloomington if you are planning on moving to the Twin Cities of Minnesota.

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Located at 6124 104th Street West. Has 4 bedrooms, 3 baths and located a block from Hyland Park & Reserve.

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